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Ok, ok, that's not news, as I know, but tonight surpassed even my own 'high ' standards. From time to time, I could relax and have fun, rather than the usual strange to meet (some very !). I work from home for 9 months of the year, usually rent a nice house somewhere in the isolated country, and therefore, apart from when working, the luxury of enfemme life. However, like an idiot, this year I decided, with a colleague who has squeezed my way of sharing something. On Thursday, he said, will be up Tuesday in a single weekend in Amsterdam. A 10 minutes I had a screen that is 4 or more people come to my house and asked me to gangbang. The week when the pent-up frustration that creeps into the car and move or make a meeting place was the best of me. Now, at 17:00 today ( Monday) I had no answers. A spruce little chance in the future, but there is nothing for this evening (either here or on the other side, which I use). onhave committed, I came home from work, decided on a suitably equipped ( bodystocking crotchless 8tube mesh, black and gold bra padded with additional inserts the string of black leather corset to improve my waist and hips, black denim skirt too short, and gold lace panties and black high-neck jersey with my favorite bright purple pumps with my brown suede jacket adds - the shoulder-length brown wig decided tonight went well with me my hair ), and 8tube then slipped in the bath to soak for a long time. I 'is the grass, if no one comes to me, I'll go hunting for my favorite layby on the A417. that is carefully applied makeup, finally moved then put in my earrings to pull my wig full Deborah. It was about October 30 At that time I had spent more than expected in the bathroom, but it was. My car was parked a little down the street and there is a great Indian restaurant around the dark apartment, with huge windows, and on his way to thway and I could see my reflection in the glass. I looked good, natural, feminine and 8tube relaxed, even when dressed a little too much mud as a prostitute to be very comfortable, but I still felt hot and sexy. was in the layby about 15 minutes later. First Step, to see what is what and check it out. was about 10 8tube to 15 trucks, a couple of parked with the lights on and windows open, four cars through the bathrooms and other 6 or 7 cars below. left the layby and certainly had no pilot or police child again carried out in 417, around the roundabout, turned to me and from then on the road and 8tube back to the layby, this once the parking lot just behind the baths between 2 cars, both with people in them. lit my inner light and touched my lippy inmates give a good view while at the same time, he got up then, if my car and headed for the passenger side before opening the door and always nit, but closing door. The man behind me pulled out and approachd, cock in hand. wanted I took in my mouth almost immediately, but when he heard the door open in front of the car, asked me if I'm in the car, for what happened. Once inside, he took his Vock and knelt in the front passenger seat, reached down and took him into my 8tube mouth, sucking gently as deep groan. He was rock hard in no time and a good 5 or 6 inches and when I went up and down on his cock, he came around, I pulled the skirt over my ass and I started typing. I said the other could be seen through the window and he said shaking my ass even more pressure on the toes again. Now I had two or three on me, then I asked if he opened the window. My moans of ecstasy he said yes, and I listened to open your window film, as he removed his finger, but grabbed a cheek in each hand and spread with large, fully exposing me to our viewers. I could feel the fresh air on my ass, and then a hand, then two, then jump finger inside me. I raised my hipss back and, when he began to finger fuck me with one hand and hit my ass with the other. with each stroke was forced to the front of the queue, taking deep and sucked 8tube my lips and tongue around it. Firco hands around my head invigorating momentum upward, while another hand grabbed my pussy to play. I felt him stiffen, the strength of his cock deep into her throat and the hot jet when sperm explode in my mouth and throat. There was strong, I have to swallow I had no other choice but to drink his sperm. raised his head and fixing his jeans, he gave thanks. 8tube Time to go, lol. I moved to release the finger from my pussy as he did, and not before, I was when he began his motor vehicle and went and left me and Guy was number two. I knelt and took his cock in my mouth. He asked if I wanted to be fucked, I nodded and moaned a reply, still sucking his cock. He took my face in her hands 8tube and lifted me to my feet, where mand by the hand and led me to the back of my car. bright lights of the bathrooms we parked easily enough for the trucker behind us to see. I gave him a condom and put it in after he leaned over the boat, I pulled the panties aside and almost put his cock slowly against 8tube me, with very little resistance, after having taken the finger up, I slipped once. This was the same width and length as the other guy, and 8tube took my arm, stopped in front of the stretched, if you see me and started my pussy, pussy. Each attack was deep, pull all the way deep and 8tube then fast. BNged fir me away 8tube about 5 or 10 minutes really shows no mercy, his powerful body punches hit hard against the trunk of my car and pushed my body over sea my feet were almost 8tube off the ground. I could not control my moans and have all already heard. Finally, with a load groan that came and forced his penis deeper than everKeep still in me. felt his throbbing cock into my hole, and almost my cane. was for me, I thanked and left as soon as the first man. I I in the passenger side, when my car, put the seat back, opened the window to cool down and lit a cigarette. I felt good. Used, but not over! I wanted to have a gangbang with me tonight. 4 or 5 guys come and catch me again and again at both ends. Hopefully, one is when my biggest fantasies ( except pregnant women do not really think I always think that 8tube no matter how hard you try !) For the two cocks in my pussy while sucking a third. Also tied on a table, while some guys that use, but that was good enough ! Anyway, I digress, lol. Perhaps in another time - hell, lol definitely a different time. So after having my cigarette, I was back in the driver's side and was a little walk. I to the roundabout, turned around and went 8tube back to the sceneE! I crossed slowly to the cars parked outside the bathrooms. There are bright lights all night in the parking lot and I thought, better to go to hear stories about the entire enfemme police shows up very rarely, so parked in front again when the truck they had parked earlier. Again, I put my lippy and brushed my hair. He showed his lights. I left and went to my passenger side and this time shone his beans and whistled. I saw a few guys running up and down the layby, but I closed the car and walked toward the passenger side when the truck. The driver had the window open and asked if I was looking for businesses spruce. This gave me the feeling of Sluttier than ever, and I answered yes to Coyley. He was quite old, I would say mid-sixties, and naked. opened the door and beckoned me inside, so it went. I had enfemme two drivers in the past and it feels so fresh and full of climbing the metal stairs into the cabin. Maybe it's becauseespecially when this guy was, with the light in the cabin, I know they can do to see my t -shirt skirt and legs covered with grill know, and I'm going to be used by a trucker. Anyway, it felt good to go and he helped me up. Then, said he hoped 8tube his cock was about to get a good chew. His words not mine, hehe. I do not ' chew,' I suck, deep and sensual, ja, ja, immediately fell upon him and took his cock all in five hours in the mouth and throat. As he sucked, he told me that he is being watched ne fucked and hoped that I would return, and added that it was a bad girl. in less than 10 minutes I had a mouthful when you cum, sucking and swallowing it before cleaning it fully with my mouth that was not a drop. He thanked me and told me that NAV can sleep tonight either, so I helped her out of the cabin like a true gentleman. I like older men fir very reason, they tend to worry a lot and I am Dirtuch more grateful. And now Mr. Big! When I started writing this, I had just sat down during and after insertion of a buffer to maintain what remains of Mr. Big cum in me, with huge amounts of it leaks out of me then and run in inside, when both thighs. A I have often read stories of girls oozing cum describe if they 8tube were running and legs, although they have cum inside me before, only a very ' reliable' sources, which I hasten to add ( or not, but for tonight!), I've never experienced that, and I thought it was just an exaggeration, as when the girls say they feel hot streams of cum explode in them lol. Was not that, either before tonight! Mr Big! I returned to my car, took the front passenger seat and lit a cigarette. It was still hot as hell. After finishing my cigarette, I got up and re- established. I saw all the cars was near the restrooms 8tube is no longer, I thought it would be too cold to go to the toilet and pop in tthan women. 8tube only really going to sit on the toilet, and a girl 'real', and you never know, someone could get was late, 12 45th I could not see the police arrive and those who want the same things that I, or vice versa! went to the van that had just come from, then beyond the one 8tube behind it, 8tube my priest, click on the floor, as I headed to the hot ladies. Another truck was parked right out front and got the surprise of my life, when the curtains were pulled from the front windows open to reveal a naked guy in the inner light. was squatting right on the side of the bathrooms in 8tube 8tube this place and nature behind the wall, what to see, to the stairs, but peaked around the corner, spread into its socket, the light stays on . He saw me, but I knew it was okay and went behind the wall. He moved his arm in the door and beckoned me to the passenger side, so I went to the street. When you return to the front when his cab, which couldsee a man standing back to see ne. The open cabin door, the light that I'm 8tube exposed to that man in the back, and again I feel the rush wonderful as he climbed the metal, I woke up in the cabin, knowing that seeing the guy believes ' what a bitch. ' the driver was now lying across the bed a little behind the front seats in the 50's I would say that maybe 40 years old, but what immediately caught my attention as big as his cock! Only half as hard at this point, Just 12 inches long and as wide as my wrist. I had to have, I knew I would get, at least verbally, I dreamed I was going to fuck! The relaxed and slow straw. I told him that his penis was enormous, and he said yes, he thought. I was on the floor, but between the two front seats, the distribution of my barrels, bending under his cock in 8tube my hand, and then my mouth. Surprisingly, I have more that, if swallowed, but with my hand at allthe shaft. I think it was due to angle my head, but I began to bob up and down like a pro. still felt soft, which have helped, and I let go of the hand and counter this huge cock, as it will take all the way to the base, the feel of her pubis against my chin until it began to expand and harden, and again that simply based on my hand around the city, how much, when it hit me. 8tube I choked several times to deal with this monster, large amounts of saliva lubricating full-wave even more space. Then music to my ears. ' Have you ever caught ?' Asked. In fact, I looked up the tail, replied : 'Sorry, ' Lol I could, then I ask again, gender, yes, I love it. ' Now he feels on this,' he said. When she straddled him, protested that it was huge. He just smiled and my ass cheeks apart began to 8tube feed the monster in me. It's massive head wound fir around my hole for a while before it is dialed. Once in my pussy, whichbegan to apply some pressure, and then more. It felt like I would not go, then suddenly, his enormous head was left in me, but stopped. Thank God! It felt like it was split in two, but was pure ecstasy as he pushed harder on me the feeling of intense joy is indescribable. The N gently but forcefully opened the door. My pussy was stretched like never before, and I have a lot to be used as dildos, sometimes two at a time, but that was incredible. It felt perfect and I began to put pressure on it like deep inside of me. I leaned back and slid my arms into the roof of the cab and began to rock against him -, grinding my pussy against his crotch. Together we have built a steady pace. All the while complaining loudly. Unlikevrarliet with men in the boat itself, if my car 8tube screwed. It was a pleasure, but it was pure lust uncontrollabke. I could not remain silent, to save my life. I said over and over again 'is so great, my God, is sobig, ' and laughed as he pushed deeper and deeper in me. I asked if he could cum in me. I was too far to refuse. ' Yes, 'he shouted,' I cum Cum on within me, give me your cum, I'm preganant. ' I think the last bit of it, lol. Maybe I'm the only one that is a thing of the kind of thoughts and fantasies, because I just had to when he began to give life, put his huge cock deep into firmly grasping my waist as he says. my arms were working against the ceiling when I was down on his big Firco members, almost delirious in feeling my pussy stretched so wide n feel so full. I did not know was possible to do something so profound. I just had 12 inches of cock buried to the neck 8tube me he pushed me down, I knew I was about to cum, I pushed as hard as 8tube I could, then I felt it. in the first instead, a tic tic, and then a larger one, and then a 8tube huge vibrating pussy everywhere, and then the forceSperm is injected into me. I could feel each jet, as he filled me. Physically I feel. No heat, no power, his huge cock throbbing through them the entire 8tube length, the contractor then expanded against the walls when my bowels. I slumped forward over 8tube him, since, exhausted, lay down, exhausted, satisfied, and both began to laugh. 'fuck me', he said, ' That was amazing shit. ' After a minute, the two, I wondered if she should try out. I slowly got up. It seemed to go forever, but never came out. I was standing about half, and was still in me and I was too bloody wide. Then threw him out of control. The giant head was further extended when he left, if you ask me. I pounced on him again and ne adamant to let go with time, when he tried to get up. My legs were like jelly and I told him that and he replied, laughing, that seemed to have that effect on real girls, but I was one if the best fuck he ever had inhis life. chatted a bit and I said we are there almost every night, I hope you 'll see. I said he could do it every night, lol, I'm not sure I could go So here I sat with sperm deep inside of me Mr. Big, a pad in place and keeps it in , having had one of the best nights ever. I hope you 8tube had fun. , We feel it 8tube is a little too long, you guessed it, I really 8tube do not 'short ' ( soz spelling errors writing this on my iPhone, lol, but just wanted to record everything while still fresh.
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